sweater of many buttons

this is the first sweater i’ve knit that i can actually wear, and i’m mostly in love with it. it was done in patons shetland chunky, in a color that i can’t remember the name of but is a nice gold-brown color. with super-classy buttons from jo-ann’s. it’s actually a bit shorter than i would like, and the fitted-ness of it means that it tends to pull upwards. i find myself tugging it downwards during the day. but it’s soft and warm and i knitted it, so i think it’s ok. i would say it took about two weeks, knitting sporadically, on US 9 circulars.

i used, of course, ohmystars’ wonderful pattern, which can be found on her site and i think maybe on craftster?

PS sorry about my face. in general. it kind of looks like something is wrong with it in this picture.



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3 responses to “sweater of many buttons

  1. Katie

    Very cute – I really like this sweater on you.

  2. Rachel

    thanks so much!

  3. Very nice sweater, I like the buttons down the side.

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