chuggin’ away.

so here we are, one skein into my thermal. pen included for scale. it’s true that it’s going slowly, but i have yet to hit the so-called “wall”. i’ve gotten perhaps three or four more inches since this picture was taken, and it’s getting about to my waist. it’s taken about three weeks, maybe? which is a long time, but doable. i think if i soldier on, knitting during movies and on my lunch break and pretty much anytime i sit down, i can at least finish the body by the end of summer, and i’m hoping for the sleeves too. i’m realizing now that i should probably have done the responsible thing and started off with the 34-inch size, and decreased to the 32-inch at the waist. but you know what, that’s what waffle stitch is for, right? stretching. yes.

not much else is going on. i have a few other small projects – scarf, v-neck pullover – that may near completion soon. we’ll see. what’s more exciting is that the ephemeral power of ordering library books over the internet may soon bring joy and warmth to my life in the form of a copy of twinkle’s big city knits. of course, that doesn’t mean i can really afford the yarn for it right now, but we’ll deal with that later.

peace out, yo.

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