like christmas all over again!

ohmygosh. in the world of knitting and literature and knit lit, this has been a stellar week.

first, i received my library copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting. i realize that this is not really new, but i have never quite been able to keep up with the fast-paced world of making stuff out of yarn and writing books about it, so i’m getting to it now. frankly, it’s awesome. i’m not really into log-cabin knitting; while i am admittedly not super-chic, i am not yet old enough to get into afghans or throws. regardless, i really appreciate Kay and Ann’s writing, helpful hints, attitude – basically, I just really appreciate Kay and Ann. Let me share with you:

“Ladies, let’s head into the Red Tent for a little all-female conversation… No, Zilpah, we are not going over the midwifery guidelines again. Leah, enough with the unguents – we are all moisturized, OK? Our cup runneth over, OK? We are here today to talk about raiment. Evening raiment. It has come to my attention that we as a tribe of Old Testament women are in jeopardy of letting ourselves go. Look at us!… Women of the tribe, listen to me. I was reading in How to Make Love Like an Egyptian that husbands see their wives mostly at night, and that raiment worn at night should be rilly special. You know, raiment without football team logos.”
Mason-Dixon Knitting

Awesome, right? Awesome.

And – and – I finally got my copy of Twinkle’s Big City Knits. i am not ashamed to admit that I did not wait until i got home to dive in; i sat in my car for a good ten minutes flipping through before i started it and went home. just thinking about yarns is making me a little lightheaded. oh god. my twinkle to-knit list is, right now: Convertible Cardigan, Twiggy Tunic, Evening Shell, and Shopping Tunic. as is my custom, i plan to make modifications. The latter two both need sleeves, at least to my elbows; I really do not see the point of a garment made of wool an inch think that only covers your torso. if i’m going to make a sweater, i’m going to make the whole sweater. also, i am just not doing this US 17/US 19 thing. i’ve decided to buy one pair of US 15 circs, and modify the gauge on everything so that it will work out. I also have a pair of US 13 straight needles, which should prove useful. i’m pretty miserly about buying equipment. even so, though, i am super pumped. it might even work out for the best; with some people’s Twinkle FOs, I feel like the gauge makes it kind of gap-y, which is not a look i like. i can just see myself this fall, crouched by my window at all hours of the night, waiting with bated breath for the first New England snowflake so i can strut my cabled self all over campus. g’yeah.

with all good knitting opportunities, however, there are also challenges. in this case, it is yarn. basically, there is no way on God’s green earth that I am buying twinkle yarn. but finding substitutes is proving difficult. i plan to chat up the nice old ladies who run my LYS and ask their advice; but for right now, I’m considering Gedifra Living chunky, and planning on holding two strands together? If there’s anyone who actually reads this, and usually just slinks off into the internet without leaving a trace, this would be a great time to make yourself known and put your two cents in!

in the meantime, i have been soldiering on with my thermal. i’m about an inch away from the buttonband divide, so i feel like i’m doing pretty well. i have a few long car trips coming up, so that should be helpful. i’ll put up some pictures when i have something worth looking at.

until next time, internet.

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