one small step for man.

i haven’t posted in a while. there is a good reason for this; i was knitting. really hard. in a little over two weeks, i’ve finished the main body of the Thermal. (as you can see, my cat is helping me display it on the kitchen counter.) it took just slightly less than four skeins of Gloss; I should be all set for the sleeves, and perhaps have something left over to make something quick and cute.

i finished this today, while in the passenger seat of a Toyota Highlander on my way back home from Williamstown, MA. there are some pretty nice art museums there, and a really great little B&B. pictures are on Flickr if you’re interested. mostly it is a (very) quiet little town; pretty much everything closes down by 8, even on Saturday. this is good, though, as it means that it is very amenable to knitting. i’m going to maybe finish the placket tonight (as you can see by the moustache-esque circ in the middle of it,) and then take a one-day break. maybe catch up on a little reading; i just started Cryptonomicon, and it’s great. then, onward! to the sleeves!

 this is how a size A looks on a 35-inch bust. not bad.

another little project i’ve started was inspired by the still-excellent Mason-Dixon knitting. They have a nice little section on “Calimari Knitting”; just one small province in the ever-expanding world of Knitting with Non-Yarn Materials. The idea, as they present it, is taking your clothing that is basically cylindrical (i.e. all of it,) and cutting across it to form “calimari” bands. These can then be slip-knotted together into a long strand, and we all know what to do with long strands. I thought this was pretty cool, and the tiny globular blastocyst of an idea began to form in the back of my mind, an idea about a denim bag or tote? i’ve started cutting up some old jeans for it already. i’m not using the calimari idea, exactly, because with something as thick as denim slip-knotting it would make it useless. it’s hard work, both the cutting and the knitting. i’m doing okay with size 13s so far, but it’s like the knitting equivalent of weightlifting. difficult.

i’m also looking forward to starting some chunky stuff after this is done, and i’m thinking i should order some yarn soon, even though it is a bit outside of my budget. i’m thinking about Plymouth’s Yukon; a wool/mohair/acrylic mix. sound good? okay.

and in conclusion, i would like to note with a celebratory air that although the actual date passed without anyone, including me, noticing: i have now had this blog for over a month. i realize that no one reads it, but it provides me with a certain amount of personal satisfaction. so, three cheers!

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  1. Kay

    Hey, I have evolved from calamari knitting to the realization that you can cut single-thickness strips of any cloth, and knit them without knotting, if you are willing to have little ‘tags’ hanging off one side of the work. If you knit fairly tightly they will not come undone, and if you put them all on the same side of the item, it’s a DESIGN FEATURE. (Right?)

    Congrats on your blogiversary. xo Kay

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