joyeux anniversaire

long time no blog. the unending rigor of working in a library and occasionally baking cookies has me all wiped out. i thought i would take a few minutes to put this up, though; my mother, who is all kinds of lovely and wonderful, had a birthday on July 3rd. i gave her these arm/wristwarmers, which she had, believe it or not, asked for. (she’s so hip.) done in plymouth encore chunky, with size 9 needles for the ribbing and 10.5 for the middle bit. i am becoming quite enamored of cables; they’re interesting to do, and impressive in a finished object. for example, when he saw these, my dad exclaimed: “You did that all by yourself?” (what, the Knitting Fairy helped?)

other news: about 15 inches into the first sleeve for thermal, i would rate it about a 6 on a scale of 1 to I Hate Myself for obnoxiousness of knitting. every time i make a sweater, i forget how much i hate sleeves. only my slightly greater dislike of sweater vests keeps me from abandoning them altogether. also, i have as of yesterday ripped out a scarf i was making with the remains of my Sweater of Many Buttons yarn and re-started it, basing it on Jimenita’s fantastic pattern for a braided scarf. hopefully i’ll finish it before returning to school.

one last thing: i went to montreal? it was fun, i took some pictures. they are on Flickr, as always. you can see some animals making very inappropriate faces, and my mother pretending to be a moose!


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