where does a king keep his armies?


now that we’ve got that out of the way. here you can see the progress i’ve been making on Thermal. I would like to restate my earlier objections to sleeves, and also put forth a humble suggestion: how badly do we even need arms? i mean, really. if you think about it. arms are necessary for knitting, some will argue. to which i reply: a) you can do some really amazing things with your toes if you put your mind to it, and b) it would probably still be worth it not to have to make sleeves.

as you can perhaps see, i’m using two size 3 circulars instead of DPNs, because it would be a tragedy for my family to have me take my own life at the tender age of eighteen. i like the technique; i haven’t quite mastered the join between needles, and so there’s still some slight laddering in my knitting-in-the-round. this way, i can have only two, seam-like ladders, instead of four ugly ones. also, it is significantly more useful to have two circular needles of each size (one hat-appropriate and one sweater-appropriate) than having to accumulate a mammoth collection of every type of needle known to woman. this is my first time trying it out, and i was aided enormously by this tutorial on the inter-web.

hopefully i’ll finish the second sleeve this weekend, and then we are only one collarband and some seaming away from a thermal! dear lord, i want to be done with this sweater. i’m legitimately enjoying knitting it, but i am looking forward to legitimately enjoying something else. something that take less than three months of constant knitting to complete. i have an LYS run planned for this weekend… who knows what treasures i shall return with? who knows what incredibly ill-advised fiber arts adventures i shall undertake next? tune in to find out!

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