the final frontier

that’s right. i’m blogging from work. what now.

seriously, though. in lieu of a normal here’s-what-i’m-knitting post (because my knitting and my camera and my computer are all in different parts of the state right now,) i thought i would share an interesting corner of the knitting world that i’ve come across recently.

has anyone heard of logoknitting? raise your hands. no? okay. logoknitting is a practice utilized by a movement called Microrevolt to make a statement against sweatshop factories and the feminization of labor, particularly in the garment industry. Using traditional colorwork techniques, they recreate well-known corporate garment logos (swoosh, anyone?) this has many interesting sociopolitical implications that i could probably write a paper about; i think it can be summarized, however, by saying that it somewhat upsets a balance of power and satirizes the idea of brands as a concept.

bear with me here, because sweatshop labor is my own personal crusade. i think that as knitters, we are uniquely positioned to appreciate and perhaps take action on the issue of someone who works even harder on an endless supply of sweaters and socks and gloves than we do, and instead of being a hobby, it’s their only chance to feed themselves and their family. I encourage you to check it out; it’s interesting stuff. And most exciting of all, you can participate in a way that does not involve writing a $15 and receiving junk mail for the rest of your natural life! In a petition to Phil Knight, chairman of Nike, Microrevolt is creating a 14-foot blanket featuring the Nike swoosh made out of 4×4 in squares. You see where this is going, don’t you. You can send in a 4×4 in square of any gauge and any color, knit or crocheted, and it will be a meaningful and personal way of adding your ‘signature’ to this ‘petition.’ possibly you don’t see what good this will do; possibly you think globalization is the way of the future and that below-minimum wage is better than no wage, etc. i encourage you to check out all sides of the issue, and especially check out Microrevolt. i plan on sending them a square any day now.

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