a triumphant return

hello, internet. i have been gone for a very long time. but i don’t think you missed me much, so it’s okay.

here is what i have been doing in the intervening time: going on vacation to colorado, working full-time, and moving back to university. fun stuff, but very little time for knitting/blogging about knitting. ohmigod for about three days ALL of my yarn was packed; i almost lost it.

anyhow, let’s being. first, check out this yarn haul! turns out that laramie, wyoming is like the yarn capital of the west? who knew. so let’s talk about yarn. the two small skeins on the left: crimson sock yarn, and some brown fingering-weight stuff. they are meant to be used for Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. Yes, I realize that they are different weights. I was buying under pressure, okay? i’m sure it will be fine.

now, the yarns on the right. i’ll get to them in a second; first i need to tell you about the guy i bought them from. so he’s not even a knitter; he’s a photographer, and his wife is a professional weaver. they run a combination photography equipment/fiber shop. (of course; what else?) they specialize in novelty fibers; not Fun Fur, but musk ox, yak, and BUFFALO. and did i tell you about their daughter? their daughter is a grad student, doing her thesis on micro-geology and the movement of tectonic plates. also she is an award-winning Celtic fiddler. these people are INTENSE. oh, and did i mention their colorways? they don’t dye them themselves, but they do design the dyes personally, using colors from Mr. Yarn’s landscape shots. also he gave me his home phone number, in case i needed to talk about yarn in a crisis, i guess?

on to the yarn. the huge hunk of handpainted in the upper right corner: a pretty reddish/greenish/brown slub wool. called “prairie homestead.” my aunt bought it for herself as a sort of birthday present; she wants a hat and scarf made out of it. we’ll talk about that later. the brown yarn in the center? guess what that is. guess. it’s BUFFALO YARN. made out of BUFFALO WOOL. it’s pretty soft; feels like regular wool to me. it’s going to be a beanie for the brother, who was tickled by the concept of wearing buffalo. last but not least, the beautiful stuff at the very bottom. angora blend, gorgeous colorway. it’s for me, going into a Florence Scarf for the fall. hooray!

not pictured: my tiny, wonderful friend Megan somehow obtained and gave to me a skein of sari-silk yarn. i am so excited! it is very beautiful. i’m thinking maybe an airy, lacy scarf; i think the garter-stitch ones are just too much when done in sari silk. i’ll show you sometime soon.

the knitting projects are really piling up, actually. let’s count:

Sept. 1 – hat for my aunt
Sept. 17 – beanie for brother
Oct. 31 – sweater for a Craftster swap
Dec. 25 – sweater vest for Dad, armwarmers for Brother, scarf&gloves for Aunt (scarf for roommate?)

doesn’t leave much time to start my armwarmers or scarf, or to finish my Evening Shell. (finally got my last skein of yarn off eBay!)

but that is neither here nor there; i shall just have to march along, like the soldier of fiber art that i am. to finish off, i would like to share some FOs with you. how nice!

Some wristwarmers that my mother requested. Yarn is Berrocco Glacé, in some sort of lavender color. The lace pattern is Pointelle Lace; I found it on the Lion Brand website. (my actual mother is pictured. say hi, Mom.)

The hat that my aunt requested, in aforementioned Prairie Homestead yarn. If it looks kind of weird,that’s because it is. She told me she wanted “a fedora. Or, like, a hat with a brim.” I did the best I could; it’s a top-down pattern, found here. I increased a bunch at the bottom, and finished off with some single crochet, so it does have a tiny brim. Blocking worked wonders, as well. (sorry for my massive face.)


This is obviously not knitted. But it is my birthday cake, made by my adoring mother, and it is made to be a ball of yarn. I helped with the pattern on top; I don’t know if you can see, but it also has real-life knitting needles stuck out the sides. So great! My mother is wonderful.

until next time, internet.


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2 responses to “a triumphant return

  1. Oooh, I’ve read such wonderful things about buffalo yarn. It’s supposed to be even warmer than sheep wool. The colours of the yarns are all gorgeous!

    And that yarn cake is fabulous! I’m so asking for one for my birthday next year…

  2. Rachel

    Thank you! I’ve started a hat with the buffalo, actually, and am extremely pleased. It’s really very soft, softer than sheep wool would be, and dense. I can believe it’s very warm. I’ll put up some photos soon 🙂

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