flighty faddism

usually i’m not the sort to expound, crooning, upon various bits of stitch trickery in knitting. i have tried and found wanting backwards knitting, loom knitting, finger knitting, and underwater knitting. (actually that last one is a lie.) but lately i’ve been experimenting with this Norwegial Purl, and am finding it rather compelling. the idea is that it’s possible to purl while still holding the yarn behind the needles, Continental-style. obviously the resulting purl stitch is a little more complex and time-consuming than the knit stitch, but it has in fact been saving me some time. it’s not a panacea; for ribbing, for instance, still do my normal switching-hands-moving-the-yarn-all-the-heck-over-the-place thing. but for long stretches of purling, like the wrong side of a cardigan, it does seem to keep things moving. check it out!

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