someone get the smelling salts

ohmigosh. no one even TOLD me the new knitty was out. and when i realized it, my exuberance was rewarded with Neiman! this is the most beautiful sweater i’ve seen from knitty in quite a while. i am already, prematurely, in love. it’s as gorgeous as the woman modeling it. i want it so bad; and it’s so depressing to have to put it at the bottom of my List, which can only even be begun after the Christmas List has been completed. (does anyone know offhand where to get about ten skeins of blue Plymouth Encore Chunky in the greater Boston area? because I don’t.) The List currently comprises, in no particular order: The Self-Designed Cardigan Which I Have Been Thinking About Forever, Wicked, Calista’s Alexander McQueen Knockoff, The Scarf Which Has Been On the Needles for Five Months, and possibly now the Minimalist Cardigan from the latest Interweave. God, life is so hard. Maybe I’ll just cut out a picture of Neiman and carry it in my wallet for a while. would that be weird?

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