marching ever onward

oh, you know, just doin’ some bloggin’.

not a lot is going on right now, knitting- or other-wise. i just thought i’d put up one of those “progress pics.” this is my gryffindor sweater, and by mine i mean not really mine but my swap partner’s. this is a picture of it, after a week or so of solid work. it’s pretty okay, i guess. obviously there’s a lot more to be done, so i’ll go start working on that now.

one more thing, though: i’m trying out a new yarn store this weekend. i’m at the point where i need to be able to get yarn & stuff more often than just once every few months when i go home, and this is relatively local. this place as a reputation as kind of “pretentious” and “expensive,” but i thought it was worth a shot. i’m kind of intrigued by the fact that they have their own blog. i’ll let you know how it goes.

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