Snowdrop Shrug


this green thing is finished. i bought some buttons at the new yarn store yesterday (yes, they were expensive. i don’t think i can call them pretentious, though.) so here we are. i like it, although it slips off my shoulders a lot and also the lace sections stretch out a little more than i would like, and look less attractive than they do flat. c’est la vie, no?

also, i put a kind-of pattern on Craftster. (in retrospect, people usually do this the other way around, don’t they? link to their blogs. i’m not very good at this.) but if you’re some poor lost soul who wandered over here instead, this is the link.



Filed under finished, FOs, knitting

4 responses to “Snowdrop Shrug

  1. this poor lost soul is glad she wandered here from craftster–i love the name.

  2. Rachel

    aw, shucks, thanks. it was lovely to have you stop by! come back real soon, now.

  3. Cat

    That looks awesome, I love the colour.

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