winter’s frosty footfall.

and you know what that means – sweater time.

here is Swap Sweater. it’s coming along okay – if you don’t consider that I am about to enter the Sleeve Doldrums. I’ve reached the bottom ribbing; I’m planning on trying to Magic Loop the sleeves. I realize that this is perhaps ill-advised, but I am a Loose Cannon, Who Doesn’t Play by the Rules. Also I only have one US 6 needle and it’s about 30 inches long. how exciting! I really want to finish this in time for my partner to get it at Halloween; wish me luck.



Also, it is a little chilly today, so I am wearing my Thermal. (it’s warm!) As such, I was able to provide you with a new and improved picture.



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2 responses to “winter’s frosty footfall.

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  2. You have a lucky swap partner! I’m kind of a rebel knitter myself but I’ve magic-looped sleeves without a problem before-I’m sure you can do it. And omg I want a thermal.

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