so close…

man, i am so close to finishing this sweater. i am going to do it tonight if it kills me, and hopefully have it in the mail tomorrow. it’s a good thing too, because i am feeling just about sick of it. what do you think?

also, who’s heard about Dumbledore? everyone? that’s what I thought. I, for one, am entirely supportive. You go, Albus. I’d say I knew it all along, but you’d never believe me.

and ohmigosh i have to tell you all about rhinebeck! just kidding. i didn’t go. but everyone else on the internet apparently did, and i feel so left out… that’s okay. i’m going home this coming weekend, which of course means a chance to stop by my LYS and chat with my best friend in the whole world, the 80-year-old grandmother who owns the place. it will be like a tiny rhinebeck. just the two of us, some fiber, and the love in our hearts. that’s nice, right?

speaking of nice, i don’t usually like to talk about Real Life in this thing, but i thought i’d share. my family back home raises chickens, and i finally got to see the newest batch of chicks. they are alarmingly adorable. if you’d like to look at pictures of them/my family, and then gush over baby animals with me, head over to Flickr.

until next time!

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