the season of giving begins

to start off: it’s done. finally. it’s in the mail, it’s off my mind and my needles, and some fine young Gryffindor student in Arizona is going to have it soon. hopefully, a snazzy new needle roll will be winging my way in return? (perhaps by owl post? or is that going too far?)

in all honesty, this wasn’t such a bad project. i’m just whiny. i liked the finished project pretty well, and i think (from what i know of Mystery Swap Partner) that it will fit her. it gave me a chance to use Rowan Scottish Tweed for the first time in a tentative, non-committed sort of relationship. (the yellow accent color. the red is leftover Gloss from my Thermal.) my thoughts: not soft enough to wear against skin, but a nice kind of structured-ness that would work well with cables or other pretty stitchwork. for the MC, i recycled an old, ugly sweater from the Gap. (take that, heartless sweatshop-labor-propagating CEOs!) through some sort of yarn alchemy, i only needed to use the front, sleeves, and cowl of it, which means I have the whole back panel left to use however I wish. I’m thinking maybe newsboy cap? This project also reminded me that while I love top-down seamless like no one else, I still have some issues I need to address.

1. Figure out a way to do the armhole join so that there are nogaping holes at the armpit that will need to be sewn up later.

2. My necklines are square. Can you see it in this photo? New mission: pull off a nice smooth v-neck, or a nice round crew neck.

of course, I started a new project literally the same day. (I have a problem.) Behold the Ugly Scarf, a present for my aunt. I don’t actually hate her; she asked for this yarn, and I felt like there wasn’t much I could do. She also asked for no fringe, but I feel like I can’t have the scarf just end; so I tried crocheting some little square thingies for the end. My crocheting skills are marginal at best, but I still think this will look better once blocked. I took this picture a few days ago; the scarf is actually pretty much done by now, but i’m too lazy to take another picture. I’ll show it to you once it’s blocked, okay? It’s curling like nobody’s business.

Lastly, and my favorite current WIP: a double-knit bookmark, to use up the leftover Gryffindor yarn. I think I’ll give it to my friend Sabrina, who is a knitter herself and appreciates useless, handmade things. I’m unsure as to whether that will happen over Christmas (do we give Christmas presents to our Jewish friends? what do we think about that, guys?), or when I see her in a few weeks. It’s a quick, fun knit. Her books will be the warmest this side of Siberia.


A few more things: I went home this weekend, and picked up some more yarn. Of course. 3 skeins of Patons Shetland Chunky, 8 of Wool-Ease. The Patons will become an Irish Hiking Scarf for The Roommate, or so I hope. (Um, is doing that by Dec. 20 really feasible?) The Wool-Ease will be a Christmas sweater vest for my dad. I feel justified in using Wool-Ease when it’s not going to touch your skin directly, when the person it’s meant for dresses mainly in Pats sweatshirts anyways, and when they are so massive that the item of clothing is could double as a circus tent. I will, of course, be updating you all regularly on that. In the meantime, have fun, be good, make safe choices.



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2 responses to “the season of giving begins

  1. i adore the hp sweater! your swap buddy is so lucky to get that! love the top-down v-neck and everything.

    i’m jewish and i would be more than happy to receive christmas presents, lol. i just like presents. and the irish hiking scarf went pretty fast when i made it, but i can be a bit of a cablemaniac.

  2. Rachel

    aw shucks, thanks Joan. and thanks for the encouragement on IHS. so far it’s getting the better of me. 😦

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