bubble bubble toil & trouble

hey there. how’s it going? today is november 3rd, but like three days ago was halloween. that was pretty sweet, huh? staying true to myself and to my stitches back in the ‘hood, i dressed up as an old lady. it was awesome.



not a whole lot else is going on; i’m just plugging away on this Irish Hiking Scarf thing. I’m moving faster than I thought I would; I can probably get this finished by Thanksgiving, which will hopefully give me enough time to get that gosh-darn sweater vest taken care of. I’m having some inconsistencies in cable length, mostly because I can’t/am too lazy to count. I don’t think The Roommate will notice. Here’s how it’s looking as of fifteen minutes ago:



as I mentioned, I’m doing this in Patons Shetland Chunky. can we just talk about this yarn for a minute? you know how sometimes, like maybe while you’re on a eurorail from Madrid to Vienna or something, you find yourself talking to someone and you feel suddenly as if you’ve known them your whole lives and the thought of never seeing them again when you step off that train makes you feel as if you’ve been punched in the gut and short of breath and dizzy? that is how i feel about this yarn. I have found my soulmate in Shetland Chunky; the only competitor for my affections at this point is Plymouth Encore. I realize that this is not a very hip position to take; I think I am probably supposed to be enamored of Moda Dea or Debbie Bliss or something that costs a lot more and feels a lot more like a baby bunny. but you know, i take a lot of things into account when making yarn decisions, and i can’t help but feel like these two are the most well-rounded and all-around pleasant to work with. they’re appropriate for any project, in that they are not full of glitter or can be washed only in the tears of a mountain goat; they’re affordable, they’re warm, and they make a beautiful finished product. Encore has these beautiful little hints of other colors in there; if you look at the top bar of this blog, you’ll see part of the first sweater I ever made, out of Encore Chunky. I’m not sure if you can make it out in the photo, but it’s a deep brown with tiny hints of orange and blue that make it warm and appealing to the eye and gorgeous. And Shetland Chunky, of course, has this beautiful hint of a sheen to it; you can see it here, a little.



if I were pretentious, I would say that the individual stitches look kind of like tiny, precious freshwater pearls. Good thing I’m not pretentious, huh?


peace out, yo.

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