the season of giving (and receiving) continues!

oh, how glorious it is to grow up in the western judeo-christian tradition, in which we can expect to be showered with gifts from people we may or may not care about or know! last week i sent off a sweater, and as if by magic, i have received a beautiful, beautiful knitting needle roll in exchange.

pretty great, amirite? i love the fabric, and i love the fact that i didn’t sew it. i will not show you what i was using as a needle roll before this, because i am embarrassed by it. suffice to say that it was not quilted, not attractive, not outfitted with a handy zipper to fill the inside with circular needles and what have you, and basically not really useful. thanks, chasity! this will improve my quality of life/enable my potentially ridiculous interests to an extent you wouldn’t believe. it’s like giving an ergonomic lumbar support pillow to a WoW addict.


in other news, not only have i been gushing over this needle roll, but also – i have been knitting! the Roommate’s Christmas Present has been put on hold til Thanksgiving break, as it is hard to work on while The Roommate is present. I have, however, cast on for The Sweatervest for The Pater Familias. I’m pleased with how it’s turning out, but I am displeased with working with Wool-Ease. I realize now that it’s not that it makes an inadequate finished product, but that it is unpleasant on a visceral level to touch and hold and knit with. Luckily, though, it is going pretty fast on US 10.5s, so I should be out of the metaphorical woods soon.

And oh! Oh! Can we talk about this for a second? Do we already know about the Subway Knitter? She is from Boston, folks. My home. I realize that Boston is a pretty major Northeastern city and for the rest of you that is not much to get excited about, but the love I bear in my heart for old Beantown is not able to be contained by any normal means. To find that someone has combined three of the greatest passions of my life – Boston, knitting, and public transportation – to make a pair of CharlieCard Mittens was almost more than I could take. She also wrote a (admittedly sort of wan) post about the Sox! She also knits on the T! She understands why it is important to be able to secret a plastic, magnetically charged card about your person at all times! Oh, the joy of it all. Give this classy lady a drive-by; she knits nice socks, too.

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