thank goodness for thanks giving

for college students, Thanksgiving break is like the sandbar that your toes just barely reach in the churning surf which lets you know that while you’re not there yet, you will soon reach land. for college students who knit, it is also a pretty solid milestone for christmas knitting – as in, you’d better at least be started. and it’s really that much better if you’re about halfway done. i am… not halfway done. here’s the current list:



(well, there’s that bookmark. but it’s not a Christmas present.)

In Progress:

Sweatervest (Maybe 20% done)

Ugly Scarf (about 97% done. just needs to be bound off and blocked. i’m not posting it here until it’s done blocking, because right now it just looks like something you should treat with some kind of anti-fungal spray.)

Irish Hiking Scarf (roughly 50% done, to be finished over Thanksgiving)

Not Even Started:

Glittens/Pop-Up Paws

Long Armwarmers

You know, I laugh at people now who say “I’m so proud… this is the first year I’ve gone out and done all my shopping before Thanksgiving!” Listen, you. I was drawing up schematics for Christmas in September. That said, I’m going to show you some photos.

this is going to be the back panel. astute readers will have noticed that the pattern is more or less exactly that of the Irish Hiking Scarf. One could almost call this an Irish Hiking Sweatervest. what can i say? it’s a nice pattern. It’s on my pillow for scale; I keep having these knitter’s panic attacks about it not being big enough. You have to understand, my father is mountainous. 6’2″, eats plenty of barbecued chicken, and likes his clothes baggy. I’ll have to wait until this isn’t all crammed onto a pair of straight needles to figure that out. luckily, stuff knits up pretty quick on US 10.5. now, here’s some cable eye candy:

Now, onto my only FO: I made a bookmark. I know, round of applause, right? It’s pretty snazzy, though. Check it out:

As I said, this is not a Christmas present. I made it with some of the leftover yarn from Gryffindor Sweater, and it’s going to my friend Sabrina as part of a ohmigosh-aren’t-finals-impossible care package. It’s not clickable, because it’s private on Flickr; I don’t want her seeing it before I send it. As you may have noticed, comparing it to my sunglasses on the right, it is massive. Ironically, probably the only book that this could ever realistically mark is Hogwarts: A History. It’s double-knit, which is good for bookmarks, but not good for me. It was kind of a fun little project and could have been knit in about six hours if I did it in one sitting. I’ve kind of decided, though, that double-knitting is not my thing. Maybe a hat, if I ever move to Finland, but none of those trendy double-knit houndstooth scarves for me!

That’s pretty much it for now, folks. I’m signing off to go do some real work. I’ll leave you with this thought: although I normally don’t have the patience for scarves (I don’t see why I should spend weeks knitting if all I’m really getting out of it is a long rectangle), my pashmina (the yellow thing visible in the top photo) is just not going to cut it all winter. Perhaps I should actually finish that Chunky Braided thing? (like challah, except a garment!) Also, if you have some time on your hands, maybe start thinking about what I can do with two or three cornflower-blue skeins of wool-ease. i think i overbought for this sweatervest.

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