turkey threat: eliminated.

hey, internet. thanksgiving happened! that was cool, right? good. that’s all i’m going to say on the subject.

in the meantime: it is almost december. this means several things. first, in The Real World, the malls are playing christmas carols and my neighbors are inflating snowmen in their yards and i am about to max out my debit card on amazon. in College, this means that i have three final papers, two take-home finals, and a presentation in three different languages. and i want SO BAD not to do any of it. luckily, i am a knitter! so here we are.

1. I finished The Roommate’s scarf. 3 skeins of Paton’s Shetland Chunky in white. it turned out pretty nice! I think she will like it. this is me modeling it; I can testify that it is in fact pretty warm.

2. That’s pretty much it on the Christmas knitting front, though. Look, it’s been kind of a hard couple of weeks. Finals are killing me, my best friend’s mother is dying of cancer, I just spent twenty cumulative hours in a car with my family, and it has been raining non fucking stop. I am not really up to marathon sweater-vest knitting. So I’ve been doing some therapeutic, self-indulgent, me-time knitting. First, I whipped up a Calorimetry in about three hours. I’m wearing it right now.

3. And last, but definitely not least: the hat-in-progress. I’ve done all of this in the last 48 hours. My (loaded) aunt took me yarn shopping, and I have material for at least 2 more sweaters now. I also picked up one singular skein of Jo Sharp Tweed in Pine, and I am totally in love with it. (God, I love tweed.) I am enamored of these slouchy hats that everyone and their mother is knitting; I think “mad cute” is what the kids are calling them. But I think they really look best on short-haired people, and alas, I have been blessed/cursed with rapunzel-esque tresses. Therefore, I am making up a newsboy cap on the fly. I’m not at all sure yet how this will turn out, but I’ll keep you updated. Here’s what it looks like right now:



that’s more or less all for now, folks. i need to do some reading, write a paper on dante, go to work, watch Hairspray, and go to bed. stay safe, make good choices.

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