back from the end of the world.

well, this is embarrassing.

i know, i know, keeping a knitting blog is like the dumbest thing ever to be bad at. it’s like falling off a log, but the log is made of the internet. anyways, i had all these great plans for a series of desperate-attempts-to-be-funny entries where i chronicled all my hilarious christmas knitting misadventures. but, i mean, it’s february. so… maybe not. maybe i’ll just put a lot of pictures on here, and we can all move on as if this never happened? okay? sweet.

I made some huge, chunky handwarmers as a last-minute emergency present. The person ended up not needing a gift, so I still have them. I’m hoping to sell them later? Maybe?

Also, I made a Quant! It’s since been finished, but I don’t have the action shot because I never actually wear it. There are a couple things I would do over in making it, like a) not using yarn that’s more or less the same color as my hair, and b)being better at entrelac. It doesn’t look great on.

Oh, here’s the fun part! Ready? So I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I started one of Twinkle’s Evening Shells a while back, and had it laying around half-finished because I needed more yarn. It’s done now, I think. Here’s a picture!

I don’t know if I mentioned this either, but I was going to add sleeves to it. Because I don’t believe in tank tops made of wool. I did, in fact, add sleeves. But this is what it looked like:

Kind of silly. Puffy, even. I ripped the sleeves back out. But then I was like, “This looks a little dumb. I look distinctly pear-shaped, and my torso is too hot and my arms are cold.” My solution? The LBC, duh. (Little Black Cardigan, for those of us who do not dress like librarians.) The finished result:

Kind of cute, amirite? (Also, what am I doing with my face here? Being abducted by aliens?)

I’m pretty happy with it as a finished product. I have to admit to having taken some liberties with the pattern, though. For instance, I kind of just stopped knitting the back.

Scandalous! (Great stitch definition, though.)

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ve got stuff to do, ladies and gentlemen. I will, however, share a really uninteresting picture of what I’m working on now:

Tres chic! But seriously, it’s going to be a sweater.


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