the endpaper mitts with no end.

oh hey.

so maybe it wasn’t clear from the last post, but i finally cast on for some endpaper mitts. using crimson&brown, two brands i’ve never heard of before and which do not actually match in terms of gauge, i have this:

my cast-on is a little iffy, and the colors don’t contrast as well as i would like them to. but so far, they seem to a) fit, despite my total disregard for all ideas of gauge and sizing, and b) keep my delicate, ladylike wrists warm. if i ever finish them, i think they will serve well.

and hey, here’s some stuff i did finish! i had a nice little break from classes last month, during which i went home. the FOs that came out of this are the Chunky Calorimetry and my very own Banana Republic Knockoff Hat.

I’m happy with them – it’s the yarn left over from the Evening Shell. The Calorimetry stays on a little better than my other one, and the hat fits without even stretching. This is impressive, because my head is roughly the size of Central Asia. My mother, not pictured here, voiced her approval; namely, she said the hat was “cute” and the Calorimetry was “another one of those things.” essentially, resounding applause.

which brings us to my so-called “current project”:

this is a sweater. you last saw it balled up on my floor next to the couch. the idea was this: deep scoop neck, subtle cabling detail on the bottom hem and sleeves. i was really pumped about this. and maybe i still would be, did it not fit like a potato sack. scroll up and look at it. it’s shaped like a potato sack, isn’t it? i am not shaped like a potato sack. so there’s that issue, and i was seriously considering just straight-up sewing seams into the sides because i am not up to ripping it back. but now, i’m also not that in love with the color; or at least not the combination of color and pattern. you know? so i’m sitting on it, and thinking about maybe pursuing something else with the yarn. any thoughts are welcome.

okay, i’m going to go to class now and work on becoming the bright future of America. peace, yo.

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