and… take two.

so, i frogged that huge mass of stockinette that was the scoop-neck sweater. life is too short to knit stuff you’re not totally obsessed with, you know? in a moment of reckless abandon, i cast on for a roughly worsted-weight version of twinkle’s shopping tunic.

now, a few things about this one.

1. I say “roughly worsted weight” because while the yarn is Paton’s Canadiana, worsted weight, I’m using US 9s. This solves several problems at once; the fact that knitting a stockinette tunic-length sweater is really boring and takes fucking forever and I’d stab myself in the eye with the US 7s if I used them, and the tendency of the Canadiana to knit up really densely on the US 7s I was using before, giving it a stiffness that I wasn’t fond of. As you can see, the gauge looks pretty normal, actually. Which is nice.

2. I do not, in fact, have what you would call a “pattern” for this. I saw the schematics in Twinkle’s book once, and I remember thinking it looked easy. I mean, it’s definitely the kind of thing you can figure out by looking at, right? Right. I think I can do it.

3. Planned mods: I’m adding 3/4 sleeves, because I’m against short-sleeved sweaters on principle. I’m thinking about the pockets; namely, about whether or not I want them. This is where having the actual pattern would be helpful, as I’ve never done set-in pockets before. Hopefully this is the kind of thing Ravelry can be a resource for.

I’ve kind of set the Mitts aside for now, and am mostly working on this like an automaton. Why, you ask, after having been so lethargic previously? Because it’s midterms week, of course, and I have Lots Of Other Things I Should Be Doing. yessss.

One more thing before I go – usually I’m not so into cutesy kitschy amigurumimimioiojfaijkfha whatsit, but seriously, check this out:

Found while browsing Ravelry. Incredible, amirite?

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  1. You are right, totally incroyable. There is an Annie Modesitt knit tea set that I’ve always secretly wanted to make. But Ravelry

    good luck figuring out the shopping tunic! i have the book if you need some number help.

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