in like a lion, out like a sweater

happy spring! happy purim! happy good friday/easter! happy mawlid al-nabi! happy spring break, maybe! we are all so happy about everything!

here is what the sweater looks like now. it is not super exciting:

yeaaaaahhhh. check out that big-ass cowl-neck thing. this is going to be intense. it’s going fast enough, but i’m having to accept the fact that by the time i finish it, it will be too warm for sweaters. we are approaching that point even now, actually. such are the travails of a knitter. i would also like to point out that my endpaper mitts, the project that could actually possibly have some use this time of year, have had absolutely zero progress made on them. turns out i just fuckin’ love stockinette.

i think i love stockinette because i like to do other things while i knit. i am a compulsive multitasker. this sweater probably has four or five hours on it now; here is an abridged list of things i have done while knitting it.

– attended a local Mortified! reading
– listened to Saul Williams
– listened to Sage Francis
– watched Obama’s State of the Nation address on race in America
– listened to Alix Olson

what do you do while you knit? now is the time to share.

celebrate hard, make safe choices,


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One response to “in like a lion, out like a sweater

  1. When I knit, I watch whatever is on tv. I have not been known to discriminate.

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