happy bunny day

oh hey. how was easter? do you do easter? we do, kind of. i went home for Easter Dinner, and it was pretty nice. i know i usually reserve my knitting blog for, you know, knitting, but we so rarely cook or eat classy food that I just want to brag a little.

ready? that, my friends, is a platter of coq-au-vin served with braised pearl onions, a real honest-to-goodness Julia Child recipe. there’s cognac in it. we set it on fire during the cooking process. note also the buttered parsley potatoes, and the not-from-Costco wine on the table. of course, you can also see the undeniable evidence of our true culinary characters: the all-purpose blue-collar Green Bean Casserole with Campbell’s Mushroom Soup. we make it classy by sauteeing actual mushrooms and putting them in there too. “Everyone thinks it’s all made from scratch,” says my mom. Cough, cough.

back to the yarn, though. this is what that same table looked like a couple hours before:

pictured here are the shopping-tunic-in-progress, and two Lion Brand “Pound Of Love” skeins. (sounds like the title to a bad 70’s porno.) they are a gift from the Easter Bunny/my mother; she says that “You and I never agree on what color yarn you should wear; I thought white was a safe choice.” In actuality, instead of making this universally useful, i have no idea what to make with it. two pounds of DK white acrylic? i wish i were into doilies. i was inspired to plan an Anne Elliot Spencer after this tunic is finished, but there is a lot more than one shrug to be made out of that yarn. thoughts or suggestions would be WELCOME. what’s in your ravelry queue right now?

you would think that schoolwork would be getting in the way of heavy knitting right now, and in a technical sense i suppose you’d be right. in that there is a lot of schoolwork i should probably be doing. but in actuality, it is beautiful out and i am totally incapable of doing anything i am supposed to do. i am about at waist length on the tunic, and am leaning towards the pockets. also, i have a lot of time spent in hospital waiting rooms and at bedsides coming up; nothing serious, but it will be a lot of time spent sitting down. i’m thinking i might be bored and stationary enough to return to my mitts. wish me luck!

love forever and ever,


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  1. I think I would make a big blankie out of all that acrylic. Machine washable is a big plus when you want something to cozy up with. And white is good for cables.

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