way back in the day.

okay. nothing exciting is going to happen in this post; i’ve barely even been knitting. i’m just going to talk about yarn, and stuff, for a while. sorry.

I am still in possession of about two pounds, or the same volume as my torso and head, in white acrylic baby-yarn. i have no babies to knit ridiculous things for, (ex. the hooded baby blanket pattern that came on the ball band) nor do i plan on acquiring any. so i’m casting about the internet for some other stuff to do with it. here’s the current plan:

1. Anne Elliot Spencer. Cute, and lacy, and kind of meant for girls with a bust but whatever, knitting is a flexible medium. Planned mods: US 3s or maybe even 5s, and make the whole thing longer. I cannot really pull off shrugs. Possibly longer sleeves also.


2. Branching Out. (saccharine, I know. what else can you do with baby yarn?) I tried this once a long time ago when I had only a really fuzzy idea of what lace knitting even was. I think that if I double up the pattern, i.e. two lace repeats across the scarf, it could be thick enough to be functional. Also, fringe. Duh. I am all about fringe.

3. Crazy Vintage Cardigan(s). Okay, bear with me on this one. These are largely untenable as clothing options, unless you are Mary-Kate/Ashley. They seem even more untenable if you know what I normally dress like: somewhere in between “twelve-year-old boy” and “supercilious barista.” There is no room for a lacy wasp-waisted bolero in there. But regardless of my actual fashion choices, I have this intense, animalistic attraction to ridiculous, hyper-femme clothes. Little lacy gloves? Little lacy stockings? I am at their mercy. I can’t tell you how many cute little Goodwill dresses I have that will never get worn, because I never actually pin my hair in waves and go on picnics or whatever. Anyways, there you have it. I’m being totally honest about this.

Other thoughts: dying some of it? Maybe? because i don’t really wear white things that often? that’s a little labor-intensive for me, but we’ll see how it goes. wish me luck, dudes and dudettes.

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  1. I, too, tend to get suckered in by those delicate vintage patterns. So far, I’ve managed to keep it to just collecting the patterns. Someday, though, I’ll break down and knit one of them.

    I am by no means a yarn snob (just the opposite, in fact), but I don’t know if I’d invest what even other knitters would consider to be a lot of time making a gorgeous vintage sweater in yarn that I was iffy about. Though acrylic would hold up well if you decided to knit that incredible vintage swimsuit!;)

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