and the seventh sin was envy; thus said the Lord

actually that’s probably not true. but in all seriousness, have you seen this?

Let’s talk about this for a minute. First of all, this is for sure my new favorite blog. (Gosh, I hope she doesn’t hear that. I’m blushing already.) It is attractive, full of delicious delicious food (also attractive), and some seriously badass knitting. this lady is a class act. also, the name? six one seven? is a shoutout to the home of my heart, Boston. see, we are obsessed with the same things! even besides yarn!

now about this particular FO. it is an hourglass cardigan. a novel concept. normally i am into v-neck cardigans; the thing where you just leave the top unbuttoned and it flops around always seemed kind of dodgy to me. but she makes this look so cute. and the thing is, I have like eight skeins of chestnut brown plymouth encore laying around. it has been destined for a cardigan, some kind of cardigan, since i got it. originally it was going to be some self-designed cabled behemoth; then a Mrs. Darcy, then a Maude Louise. Now I’m thinking maybe this? It is less fancy-shmancy but also pretty nice. let’s be honest, i probably need a universal brown cardigan that goes with everything (fyi: everything i own is brown. this is perfect.) more than i need to knit cables forever. thoughts?

speaking of knitting cables forever, i am nearing the home stretch of the shopping tunic. it is seriously a tube with sleeves, guys. like, i kind of knew that going in, but. i’m not going to put up a picture, because that really is all it is. imagine the last picture, but more of it. i have a break coming up; hopefully i will finish it then. also, on a related note, IT IS SO WARM. that is really great, it’s just sad that i will never wear anything made of wool ever again.

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