yarn is in the aiirrrrr

guys. guys. guess what. spring just happened. like, right outside my window. i was able to stay outside for more than 15 minutes today, and got my first sunburn of the year. that’s pretty sweet.

in light of that, this sweater i’m knitting is totally ridiculous, but whatever. it’s coming along pretty fast. a friend took this picture for me:

the super-sweet glimpse of my dorm room is a freebie. no, don’t thank me. a few things: one, length? i kind of feel like maybe i should have kept knitting, or like i might rip out the bottom and do that. I’ve made enough mods that I don’t feel like I need to go to the full tunic length, which will probably be out of style this time next year anyway, but does that look too short/stretched? two, sleeves. you know how i feel about sleeveless/short-sleeved sweaters. or maybe you don’t, so i’ll tell you: i think they’re dumb. so i’m knitting the left sleeve right now. the thing is, i’m not sure where to stop. a few inches above the elbow? a few inches below? i don’t think i want full-length sleeves. right now i think i’m aiming for a solid three-quarter length. but i might punk out, because i hate knitting sleeves. advice would be appreciated.

also, way overdue:

remember that time i knit a quant? this is how it turned out. kind of so-so; i like it better than i did at first. mostly it just makes me wish i had dreads; i feel like once you do, you can get away with wrapping whatever the fuck you want around them. it was kind of fun to knit; i might make another one sometime.

guys, it’s almost 5 and the sun’s still up. i think i’m going to go kill some more skin cells. i leave you with this thought: i have one skein of recycled sari silk. what to make with it?

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