home stretch

today is the last day of classes of my sophomore year. you know what that means –

it means i won’t actually have any more free time than i do now. and also that it will be too warm to wear any handknits. whatever.

in the meantime, i have this problem where i am obsessed with DROPS design:

the last one in particular has got me giddy as a schoolgirl. i think it would look nice in white, and i am thinking of using my brown encore for the top. god, all i ever think about is cardigans. i must be so embarrassing to know.

also, did you see that sale over at sixoneseven? there was some really beautiful warm-burgundy-brown Cascade 220 for only $45. i am ashamed to tell you how long i spent staring at the screen and thinking “you know, i have $45. how much is that, really? not that much at all. there are people who would pay you $45 to mow their lawn.” long story short, i didn’t buy it, but only after an epic inner struggle on a par with the plot of John Q. i am like a saint.

on the next episode of rachel’s knitting blog: actual knitting. stay tuned.


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  1. now i’m obsessed with drops design. i want that last sweater.

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