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summertiiiiiiime, and the livin’ is easy

Do you guys know that song? It is pretty catchy. Also, I haven’t posted in forever! Sorry! I would feel worse, but no one reads this.

Also on the list of things to feel bad about: I have totally not finished the other Endpaper Mitt. To be perfectly frank, I haven’t even started the other Endpaper Mitt. Whatever! It’s summer, and I probably wouldn’t wear them anyways! Instead, let’s talk about some stuff I did knit.

I got invited to a baby shower on Sunday, which prompted my first foray into baby knitting. I used the DK weight Lion’s Brand that my mother got me for Easter, remember that?

Featured is a run-of-the-mill crocheted beanie, and a pair of Saartje’s Booties. Or, as I was referring to it at 2 am Sunday morning, “stupid fucking baby stuff.” Guys, I don’t really like babies. Knitting for them is not that satisfying. Although, as everyone knows, the bootie construction is pretty sweet; if I hadn’t been under the wire I might have enjoyed them more. As it is, I have already received a thank-you card from the mom-to-be (so punctual! I’m envious) that assures me she is both impressed and delighted. Mission accomplished.

More interestingly, and less baby-focused, is the shrug I finished last night:

Cute, right? It’s my own design, knit in one piece with worsted-weight mercerized cotton. (I wish I knew the brand – it was all in Greek, of all things, and I’ve lost the ball band.) You may recognize the lace pattern from ohmystars’ Razor Cami. There’s crochet edging on the sleeves, and plenty of lace mistakes in the body. The lower picture captures that very well. If I could do it over, I would do it a little less on the fly, and plan out a way to make the body of the thing wider. Right now, it’s more or less a pair of sleeves with a flap for my upper back. Next time!

In real-life news, I am gallivanting off to Montreal for the weekend. Que magnifique! I think it is a pretty good city to wear handknits in; I will let you know how it goes.

love forever,



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the endpaper mitts with no end.

oh hey.

so maybe it wasn’t clear from the last post, but i finally cast on for some endpaper mitts. using crimson&brown, two brands i’ve never heard of before and which do not actually match in terms of gauge, i have this:

my cast-on is a little iffy, and the colors don’t contrast as well as i would like them to. but so far, they seem to a) fit, despite my total disregard for all ideas of gauge and sizing, and b) keep my delicate, ladylike wrists warm. if i ever finish them, i think they will serve well.

and hey, here’s some stuff i did finish! i had a nice little break from classes last month, during which i went home. the FOs that came out of this are the Chunky Calorimetry and my very own Banana Republic Knockoff Hat.

I’m happy with them – it’s the yarn left over from the Evening Shell. The Calorimetry stays on a little better than my other one, and the hat fits without even stretching. This is impressive, because my head is roughly the size of Central Asia. My mother, not pictured here, voiced her approval; namely, she said the hat was “cute” and the Calorimetry was “another one of those things.” essentially, resounding applause.

which brings us to my so-called “current project”:

this is a sweater. you last saw it balled up on my floor next to the couch. the idea was this: deep scoop neck, subtle cabling detail on the bottom hem and sleeves. i was really pumped about this. and maybe i still would be, did it not fit like a potato sack. scroll up and look at it. it’s shaped like a potato sack, isn’t it? i am not shaped like a potato sack. so there’s that issue, and i was seriously considering just straight-up sewing seams into the sides because i am not up to ripping it back. but now, i’m also not that in love with the color; or at least not the combination of color and pattern. you know? so i’m sitting on it, and thinking about maybe pursuing something else with the yarn. any thoughts are welcome.

okay, i’m going to go to class now and work on becoming the bright future of America. peace, yo.

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winter’s frosty footfall.

and you know what that means – sweater time.

here is Swap Sweater. it’s coming along okay – if you don’t consider that I am about to enter the Sleeve Doldrums. I’ve reached the bottom ribbing; I’m planning on trying to Magic Loop the sleeves. I realize that this is perhaps ill-advised, but I am a Loose Cannon, Who Doesn’t Play by the Rules. Also I only have one US 6 needle and it’s about 30 inches long. how exciting! I really want to finish this in time for my partner to get it at Halloween; wish me luck.



Also, it is a little chilly today, so I am wearing my Thermal. (it’s warm!) As such, I was able to provide you with a new and improved picture.



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Snowdrop Shrug


this green thing is finished. i bought some buttons at the new yarn store yesterday (yes, they were expensive. i don’t think i can call them pretentious, though.) so here we are. i like it, although it slips off my shoulders a lot and also the lace sections stretch out a little more than i would like, and look less attractive than they do flat. c’est la vie, no?

also, i put a kind-of pattern on Craftster. (in retrospect, people usually do this the other way around, don’t they? link to their blogs. i’m not very good at this.) but if you’re some poor lost soul who wandered over here instead, this is the link.


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fee fie FO fum

i’m going to run out of witty titles soon. until then: some FOs, and stuff.

my brother’s birthday hat. this is not my brother wearing it; this is me. it is made out of buffalo wool, and shockingly soft. i was unable to photograph the birthday yarmulke i also made for him; it kind of needed work anyways.


this is the Ill-Advised and Self-Indulgent Shrug. I may have mentioned it earlier. this is, obviously, pre-blocking. made of paton’s shetland chunky in a nice green color, with an imperfectly executed sort of snowdrop lace thing going on. it’s waiting for buttons. (if you look carefully, you can also play Find That Object with my dorm room. Can you see the copy of Homer’s Odyssey, my favorite tea mug, and the Boy Scout cookie tin?)


This is tragicheroine’s Ribbed Lace Bolero. Duh. (please look at the bolero, and not my face, here.) As you can see, it is sort of… I don’t know, too big? How do you even make a rectangle too big? I modified the pattern for worsted weight yarn, which may have been part of my problem. I don’t know, boleros aren’t really my calling. (But shrugs are? What’s the difference?) Whatever, I wear it sometimes.


Last but not least, the WIP. This is going to be, eventually, a Gryffindor sweater, made for a personal swap. As you can see, I have a ways to go. I’m doing my best to finish it by Halloween; i can do that, right? A Thermal in 2.5 months makes a straight stockinette seamless raglan in one month seem like nothing. we’ll see how it goes.

After this is completed, the List of Things to Knit for Other People is, in order of urgency/length of knitting:

Sweater Vest, for the 6’2″ father
Pop-over gloves/Frankenmitts, for aunt
Scarf, for same aunt
Armwarmers, for Sibling.

What do you think? Can it all get done by December 25th? Tune in to find out!


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