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off the wagon

Okay, so, i’ve been in India now for a month. It is really great here, guys, no joke. And as I said, I didn’t bring my knitting. I’m in another country! For only five months! Surely I can find better things to do than make sweaters. I will fill the time with adventures and rickshaw rides!

This is mostly true, except for a few things that I didn’t count on. 1. Someone else here did in fact bring their knitting; she’s working on Stephanie Japel’s Fitted Puff-Sleeve Cardigan. It’s pretty cute. I have literally been sitting next to her watching her knit this, and helpfully offering to do a few rows now and then. She hasn’t fallen for it. 2. It’s monsoon season here, which means it rains a lot. Specifically, Andhra Pradesh has gotten more rain in the last few days than it has in four years; a lot of areas have flooded. I’m fine, but it means that it’s pretty difficult to go out into the city. Essentially, I’ve been sitting inside for five hours, trying to watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog over my shoddy internet connection. I could have like four inches of a sweater done!

Shamelessly, I spent pretty much my entire morning on Knitpicks and Ravelry. Here’s what I’ve come up with; remember my Thermal? Yeah, that was probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever knit. Unfortunately, it no longer looks like it did when I finished it. It’s been semi-felted a few times, and while it looks fine, to someone who knows how stretchy and sheen-y and perfectly fitted it was originally (like me) it’s never going to be the same. I’ve considered re-knitting it before, but always decided against it. It seems too disheartening to go through all that blood and sweat and tears again to end up with the same sweater. But today I had a thought – what if I made the DK weight version? It’s still beautiful (have you seen all the ones on Ravelry? So nice!), and a much faster knit. The only question is color – the burgundy I originally made it in looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. Should I go for that again? Or is it a waste to have two burgundy sweaters lying around? All of my problems were solved when I found this shade of Cinnamon in Knitpicks’ Swish DK Yarn:

It is warm and reddish and autumnal, all of the attractive qualities of burgundy Gloss, and I think the color would look good on me. But it’s different enough that I don’t feel like I’m churning out the same sweater; I can still get that sense of giddy excitement that accompanies a new FO.

The only problem with all of this is that Knitpicks doesn’t ship to India. I could ship it home, and have my mother forward the package, but that would take probably at least two months, total. Is it worth it? Alternatively, my Stephanie-Japel-knitting friend has heard rumors of a yarn store somewhere in Hyderabad. It’s a long shot, but I have my fingers crossed. It’s about 75-80 degrees here every day, but when I go home in December I’ll be returning to below-zero temperatures. It would be nice to have a little cardi to wear home on the plane. Wish me luck! And if you do happen to know of any fiber opportunities in or around Hyderabad, let me know!


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leavin’ on a jet plane

Hello internet! There has not been much action around here lately, mostly because there has been absolutely no knitting. To be honest, there have been other things on my mind. On Wednesday, I’m leaving for five, five-and-a-half months to study abroad for a semester. I’ll be in Hyderabad, India, until mid-December. Pretty cool, but not really conducive to knitting. I don’t have plans to work on anything while I’m there, unless I break down and order something from knitpicks. You won’t hear from me until a little before Christmas; if you’d like you can read my India blog in the meantime: . Thanks for being patient, and have a nice fall!

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the mothers get whiskey, and the girlfriends get tongue

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! four days late! don’t worry, though, i was on time on real mother’s day. mostly. i actually would have forgotten it entirely had my friend Heather not been all “Hey, are you knitting something for Mother’s Day?” on Thursday. after which, of course, I was.

my mom is into armwarmers, for reasons that are unclear to me. so thinking quickly, i managed to whip up a pair of Sabrina Thompson’s Urban Weave Wrist Warmers with like a third of a skein of leftover Paton’s Shetland Chunky. I am nothing if not thrifty.

i think they turned out pretty cute. my mother pronounces herself pleased, and describes them as “squishy and warm.” glowing critical acclaim.

Oh, and speaking of armwarmers. Guess who finished an Endpaper Mitt?

(Hint: It’s me.)

Pretty okay, right? I thought so too. Unfortunately the pattern is sort of dark, and isn’t quite as stark as it looks under bright light in these photos. Also, the part where it’s laying flat? See where the thumb looks a little wonky? That’s because it is. Basically, kitchener rib bind-offs are kind of a pain, and on tiny thumb areas they are even worse. The thumb bind-off is weird and I will probably have to redo it. And that’s not all that’s weird:

I am really terrible at joins. I don’t know what my deal is. It’s the same with sweater arms; the best I can do is stitch them up after. this, though, is kind of a delicate project to do that with. Seriously, though, what can I do? That can only be described as a gaping, yawning crevasse in the middle of otherwise dense, warm, woolly, virtually flawless (if I do say so myself) knitting. Advice?

I will leave you with some more photos, now that I’ve actually dug out my camera and uploaded some stuff. I just got home from college, finals are over. When I am home, I am instantly transformed into a spatula-wielding, dish-washing, counter-wiping Domestic Goddess, in much the same way that Halle Berry’s eyes turn weirdly white and suddenly she becomes Storm. I have this preternatural, nearly inhuman need to bake. That said, here are some photos of cranberry-orange scones. They looked a little better than they tasted, but let’s be honest: they look pretty good.

*BONUS: First person to identify the origin of this post’s title will win a small prize of my choosing. (Not scones.) (Also, using Google is cheating.)


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sweet knitblogging manna from heaven


I have been waiting for this my entire life. I actually kind of hate “What Not To Wear,” but those feelings do not apply here. Fun Fur berets? You tell it, sister!

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yarn is in the aiirrrrr

guys. guys. guess what. spring just happened. like, right outside my window. i was able to stay outside for more than 15 minutes today, and got my first sunburn of the year. that’s pretty sweet.

in light of that, this sweater i’m knitting is totally ridiculous, but whatever. it’s coming along pretty fast. a friend took this picture for me:

the super-sweet glimpse of my dorm room is a freebie. no, don’t thank me. a few things: one, length? i kind of feel like maybe i should have kept knitting, or like i might rip out the bottom and do that. I’ve made enough mods that I don’t feel like I need to go to the full tunic length, which will probably be out of style this time next year anyway, but does that look too short/stretched? two, sleeves. you know how i feel about sleeveless/short-sleeved sweaters. or maybe you don’t, so i’ll tell you: i think they’re dumb. so i’m knitting the left sleeve right now. the thing is, i’m not sure where to stop. a few inches above the elbow? a few inches below? i don’t think i want full-length sleeves. right now i think i’m aiming for a solid three-quarter length. but i might punk out, because i hate knitting sleeves. advice would be appreciated.

also, way overdue:

remember that time i knit a quant? this is how it turned out. kind of so-so; i like it better than i did at first. mostly it just makes me wish i had dreads; i feel like once you do, you can get away with wrapping whatever the fuck you want around them. it was kind of fun to knit; i might make another one sometime.

guys, it’s almost 5 and the sun’s still up. i think i’m going to go kill some more skin cells. i leave you with this thought: i have one skein of recycled sari silk. what to make with it?

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new and different



i fucking love tubular cast-ons.

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back from the end of the world.

well, this is embarrassing.

i know, i know, keeping a knitting blog is like the dumbest thing ever to be bad at. it’s like falling off a log, but the log is made of the internet. anyways, i had all these great plans for a series of desperate-attempts-to-be-funny entries where i chronicled all my hilarious christmas knitting misadventures. but, i mean, it’s february. so… maybe not. maybe i’ll just put a lot of pictures on here, and we can all move on as if this never happened? okay? sweet.

I made some huge, chunky handwarmers as a last-minute emergency present. The person ended up not needing a gift, so I still have them. I’m hoping to sell them later? Maybe?

Also, I made a Quant! It’s since been finished, but I don’t have the action shot because I never actually wear it. There are a couple things I would do over in making it, like a) not using yarn that’s more or less the same color as my hair, and b)being better at entrelac. It doesn’t look great on.

Oh, here’s the fun part! Ready? So I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it on here, but I started one of Twinkle’s Evening Shells a while back, and had it laying around half-finished because I needed more yarn. It’s done now, I think. Here’s a picture!

I don’t know if I mentioned this either, but I was going to add sleeves to it. Because I don’t believe in tank tops made of wool. I did, in fact, add sleeves. But this is what it looked like:

Kind of silly. Puffy, even. I ripped the sleeves back out. But then I was like, “This looks a little dumb. I look distinctly pear-shaped, and my torso is too hot and my arms are cold.” My solution? The LBC, duh. (Little Black Cardigan, for those of us who do not dress like librarians.) The finished result:

Kind of cute, amirite? (Also, what am I doing with my face here? Being abducted by aliens?)

I’m pretty happy with it as a finished product. I have to admit to having taken some liberties with the pattern, though. For instance, I kind of just stopped knitting the back.

Scandalous! (Great stitch definition, though.)

Okay, that’s enough for now. I’ve got stuff to do, ladies and gentlemen. I will, however, share a really uninteresting picture of what I’m working on now:

Tres chic! But seriously, it’s going to be a sweater.


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